Land Choices: Changing Development in America
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NOTE: LandChoices is working to protect land n the hands of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and other groups but is in NO WAY supporting the BSA, etc.

You can protect America's Boy Scout, Girl Scout and other at risk camps (church camps, hunt clubs).
Is your camp at risk of being sold to raise funds? Are you worried future board members may sell the land?

Learn How to Preserve Your Camp
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Learn more about Conservation Subdivisions

Keeping large tracts of camp land intact protects wildlife, natural areas, clean air, lakes, streams and rivers You can preserve your camp with a land preservation agreement (conservation easement).

NOTE: Lands owned by corporations (camps, etc.) are subject to different income tax deductions in regards to conservation easements than private landowners-consult with a qualified tax attorney.

LandChoices recommends you consult with a qualified tax attorney when considering preserving land.

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